iTrend Tours is the world best African travel and tour service providers. We work with great minds to enhance “Leadership, Growth, Creativity and Innovation through tourism. Going on a tour with us means following your passion through traveling and exploring.
We believe traveling exposes people to understand cultural diversity and learn the history about different destinations of the world. Traveling allows people to appreciate God’s Leadership, and creations with all its diversity and uniqueness.
This is why iTrend Tours gives flexible and tailored packages to allow every individual to experience the joy and growth that comes with traveling.

Mission and Vision

Our quest is to manage business travel and fulfill vacation dreams through our commitment to personalized, world-class service. iTrend Tours speaks for itself when we talk about travels and tours in the world, we are one of the youngest players in the industry and intend to bring innovation to the tourism industry. Your travel and tour experience with us, will always be unique and unmatched.

Our Passion and Values

Dreaming about your vacation / holidays should be without any stress, and we help you do just that by customizing our tours so you can experience the world differently. You’ll get the personal service, attention to detail and ease that you’re looking for, while enjoying the unmissable experiences you’ve always dreamt of. We have also embedded business tourism in our packages, where clients can explore and discover business opportunities during tourism.

Our Promise to You

iTrend Tours provides custom travel packages for any traveler. We always exceed our client expectations and tailor each vacation / holiday experience to be unique. We pride ourselves on our commitment to travel planning and tours. Our team of tour directors will make sure your tour goes just right. Plus, they will help you get to know your fellow travel mates and make you feel like part of a traveling family. Their service will enhance your vacation because they love what they do. For cruises and selected tours, a tour director is allocated for every group of 16 or more travelers.

Where We Travel

  • Africa / Asia  / Middle East
  • Central America / North America /  South America
  • Europe  / Oceania  / Polar